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"Determining the requirements for a new computer-based function, and creating, obtaining and/or modifying one or more programs that performs that function."
If we consider the present scenario so most of the countries over the world have relied upon Indian Software Company and firms or Software Development Companies for the software development activities, as the country possesses a global competency in the IT sector.
The Software development company India comprises of businesses related to the production and maintenance of software. The crux of the Software Industry India lies in the IT Theme. Software services like software training maintenance and consulting are a part of IT Industry. Now a days Indian Software Companies growing rapidly and offers the Software companies is witnessing a rapid growth and offers well- paid job opportunities making IT a Prime career option for the youth.
In recent years, there has been a small chorus of voices promoting the notion that India is an IT Super-Power. Not only has this been touted by a section of the Indian Press, but it has also found an echo in the writings and statements of Indian NRIs. Undoubtedly, India's progress in the field of Computer Science has been quite remarkable. The reputation of India's best IT professionals is entirely well-deserved, and Indian researchers have been publishing some of the best papers in the field.
Moreover, according to a recent article in Forbes magazine, India's intellectual acumen has now drawn 150 global business giants to set up research and development facilities in India. Not only does the list include important IT companies such as IBM, HP, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Samsung, STMicro and Infineon, but also large manufacturing companies such as GE, Daimler Chrysler, Tyco Corp, and Electrolux.
On behalf of above scale we can say that India is emerging as a IT Super Power globally. In my opinion high quality software human resources is the factor behind success of IT Industry.
The Software Industry has succeeded in converting this comparative advantage to increasing exports. More and more companies are receiving the ISO 9000 certification and the day is not far when India will have the highest number of ISO 9000 companies in the world.
Indian Software Development companies are offering variety of services that include custom application development services, web development services and e-commerce shopping cart development. Now a days Software development outsourcing becomes the demand of any big organization and India is one of the biggest name when it comes to outsourcing any software product.
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