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Royalcrest and Sirena Diamond Jewelry Collections at www.MeritDiamond.com

Dazzling jewelry has been capturing the attention of every human soul from time immemorial. Among various precious stones, diamond sits in the leading position with its unmatched glitters and grace. It is the symbol of love and commitment. This precious carbon formation is not only the hardest in substance but also rare to match. However, the value of this gem lies not only in its original form but also the craftsmanship that gives it the final look.

Diamond cutting industry occupies a prominent position in the jewelery market with its rich talent pool of artisans. With Midas touch they can even transform the stones into light reflecting wonders. Moreover, Carat and color also play vital roles in influencing the price of the ornament materials. The angles and variations on the diamond surface differentiate them from each other and the polished look enhances the magical radiance of these precious stones. Settings of the gemstones also act as key component to appeal the customers. For examples the rings are made of yellow or white gold. Nowadays, platinum is also being used at an increasing rate.
There are various famous diamond jewelry design ranges. The famous about 'Royalcrest' type collections came into existence in 1993. It took more than 3 years of grueling toil to successfully launch Royalcrest Diamond Cut. The gemstone is shaped into intricate arch to trap light from different angles and ensure maximum glittering effect. This precious gem flashes with even the slightest movements. This design was born in America but is capturing the imagination of the ornament-lovers in faraway countries like England. Its' powerful charm hypnotized the UK' based Goldsmith Group to obtain an exclusive right for this range in that country. The demand for 'Royalcrest' is reaching all time's high. Even existing users of emerald designs are showing interest to change the old-fashioned shapes into this epoch-making design.

Precious diamonds are not only the heart-throbs of every woman they also represent the elegance of the fair sex. To romantically portray the natural beauty and grace of the women trough diamonds.
Jewelry sets reflect a fine combination of the traditional and the modern designs. In order to catch the rising demand jewelers are now going online. Through these sites, different precious sets can be viewed as well as booked for engagement ceremony or other important occasions. Truly, 'diamonds are here to the hearts forever'.

The Sirena Jewelry Collections was launched in the year 2003. Every design of 'Sirena' jewelry collection represents the simplicity and beautiful shape of every woman. This collection aims at immortalizing beauty and Via Del Amore .

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