Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sleep Masks: Controlling Their Users’ Dreams

sleep mask
Sleep Mask - Charmeuse - Gold

The very first step to controlling your dream is to realize you are dreaming. And that’s where the Jane sleep mask, a product developed by Jane Inc., comes in. Being made of incredibly soft and rich silk, their masks can gently cause their users mid-dream, theoretically making it convenient for the users to enter a lucid dreaming state.
Yes, sleep mask users get pleasure from ‘lucid dreaming’ that makes them feel comforts of conscious dreaming. Lucid dreaming is defined as an act of ‘being conscious while in a dreamlike state’. Sleep masks block out light to invade the calm and composure state of their users, thereby deepening dream state. However, people confuse between day dreaming and lucid dreaming, while they are characteristically separate from each other. For instance, daydreamer’s eyelids remain wide open when eyelids of lucid dreamers are covered with sleep mask to block out light.

How do sleep masks work?
Sleep cycle has two distinctive states that alternate throughout the night. They are Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep when dreams generally occur and non-REM sleep. The Jane sleep masks have different color combinations that seem to have soothing effects over minds as their users enter the night’s deepest REM phase. Their users feel comforts as their wide and rear elastic closure fits them perfectly and does not pinch them at all.

sleep masks
Sleep Mask - Organic Cotton :: Airplanes on Green
Who thought this up?
The $25 Jane sleep masks are the brainchild of Jane, who thought to create products causing relaxed sleep, a sleep free from all cares and worries. For this, no pills and potions would be used. As the thought came to her mind, Jane woke up to work on it and came up with this solution. However, Jane is not an inventor of this solution; she only brought a makeover to it.

Okay. But do they really work?

Jane makes no promises. But, Jane sleep masks could prove valuable for those who want to overcome recurring sleeplessness. Still, people are in doubt about their worthiness. But, none can deny their cool psychedelic effects!

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