Monday, July 30, 2012

Contemporary Rugs: Why are they dominating?

contemporary rugsAn aura of richness hovers graciously over the rug industry. In the past, the rug industry was rich in displaying tales of society and unique creativity, thanks to their weavers’ efficiency. They had their distinctive looks and styles as evident in the Afghan rugs of the past displaying strangely elongated human and animal figures. The current rug industry has carefully been carrying over the same tradition of the past, although some changes have been brought in the field of designs and styles. Way of weaving has now got a radical change due to the use of advanced technology. In short, technology has matured the current rug industry extensively leading to the birth of the contemporary rugs.

Rugs of these days are woven with more advanced yarns. Unlike the ancient way of weaving rugs, help of technology is taken to multiply their production. However, people continue to debate over better ways of weaving. Some of them opine that hand-woven rugs were better than the rugs of these days. There was more subtlety in designs and styles and people had unique feel when they used them. None can deny it, to be precise. At the same time, none can also deny the fact that contemporary rugs like Surya Rugs, Safavieh rugs, etc. have any less quality in their combination of color, pattern and texture.

Honestly speaking, run industry is now more matured and technically sound. Longevity of each rug can be clearly defined as in the same way the construction of their textures. Moreover, huge production of custom-designed rugs has become possible due to the advancement of textile industry. Unless there was development in the textile industry, the rug industry could not have fulfilled its market demand. The most important distinction is the lower price. Would people buy rugs for their daily use with fancy price that they might need to cough out to buy ancient rugs?

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